10 Hacks to have the best Co-Living experience in India

10 Hacks to have the best Co-Living experience in India

As the second part of our series of Hacks, LetzRent presents you with 10 tips for having the best possible co-living experience in India!

  1. Go through an aggregator:

Aggregators use technology to match customers with service providers who are best suited to meet their needs. Most service providers on aggregator platforms are vetted and verified. By going through an aggregator, you can ensure you get the most affordable accommodation without compromising on quality.

     2.Establish rules at the outset:

Since you will be living with strangers it becomes all the more important to come up with ground rules for all. This includes deciding what noise levels should be allowed at particular times of the day and night.

     3.Acquaint yourself with each other’s lifestyle choices:

The individuals you are co-living with may bring to the table a diverse range of lifestyle choices. They may drink while you do not, or vice versa. Be clear on whether you are comfortable with such activities in the common spaces and set guidelines for the same. 

     4.Chore distributions:

Distribute and fix a chore plan for all residents of the co-living space. This could help ensure that everyone contributes towards the maintenance of the common spaces. Since these are shared spaces, it is essential to have a discussion regarding how the responsibility of their upkeep will be divided.

     5.Your sense of security matters:

An aspect often neglected by individuals living together, which can create a lot of discomfort and tension is pertinent to security. How late should non-residents be allowed to enter the apartment? What hours of the day/night should the apartment be locked? These are all questions to keep in mind, so as to ensure that no one is uncomfortable.

     6.Establish a schedule of meetings with your flatmates:

By setting up and freezing on a schedule of meetings with your flatmates, you can establish a system of open communication about your living arrangement, which leaves lesser room for miscommunications. 

     7.Stay connected:

If a problem arises in the apartment, it would become important to effectively communicate with your flatmates immediately. We’d recommend using technology for such immediate communication. One way of doing so could be to have a Whatsapp group with your flatmates. 

     8.Share your emergency contact information:

It is imperative that your flatmates and you share emergency contact information with each other so that in the event of an emergency you can be best taken care of.

     9.Examine your lease agreement thoroughly:

It is important to review all lease agreements carefully. But this is particularly important for co-living lease agreements. Feel free to ask questions regarding what would happen if a flatmate moves out prematurely. Also, be sure to examine how utility costs are split in the lease.

      10. Pro tip – Being mindful of boundaries:

Ensure you make it clear which of your belongings that lie in the common space are off bounds for other individuals. For instance: you may be uncomfortable sharing food with strangers. However, your co-inhabitants may not anticipate this discomfort. So it is best to make these things clear when you move in itself. To have a good relationship with your flatmates and ensure their comfort as well, do try to ensure you are not encroaching on their boundaries either.

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