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10 Tips To Pick the Perfect Coliving Space

Research shows that co-living can bring down aggregate costs of living for an individual by 15%. Thus, co-living offers affordability. In addition to this, coliving also offers maximum flexibility and is sustainable. So whether you are a professional with a temporary work assignment in a city or a student joining a new college, coliving could be the right choice for you!

The Coliving segment has been negatively impacted by COVID-19 in the short run. However, experts predict that in the post-Corona era, shared spaces, including co-living units will be extremely popular. They anticipate that the percentage of people considering and opting for co-living arrangements is expected to grow manifold.

Are you part of the growing percentage of people considering coliving to be the right arrangement for you? Are you unsure how to choose the perfect coliving unit to meets your needs? If your answer to these two questions is yes; read on as LetzRent gives you 10 hacks on how to choose the perfect coliving space!

1.Minimize the distance between the coliving space and your workplace:

Ensure the coliving unit is located close to your workplace/educational institute. This will enable you to cut down on your costs. These days especially, time is money! And choosing a co-living space close to your workplace/educational institute can help you save on a lot of time. A larger distance to your workplace/educational institute means a longer commute time has been linked to feeling drained, working fewer hours in the day, poorer quality health, and even disturbed sleep patterns. So to maximize your overall well being, it is advisable to choose a coliving space close to your work-place/educational institute.

2. Ensure there is easy access to transport services:

If your coliving unit is well connected to the rest of the city via easy access to public transport systems like the Metro services, Ola/Uber, or other ride-hailing applications, your comfort can be maximized. Imagine struggling every single day just to find transport to make it to work! To prevent this struggle, chose a coliving space with easy access to transport services.

3. Go through a trusted service company:

Whether it be basic amenities such as water/electricity or more specialized amenities like the provision of high-speed wifi; the quality of services provided could at the end of the day make or break your experience. So, we recommend choosing to rent out a co-living unit through a trusted, reliable service provider that emphasizes on quality services. A few such trusted companies are NestAway, Stanza Living, Co Ho, Zolo Stays, and Oyo Life.

4. Inquire about food plans offered:

They say the way to a man’s(or a woman’s) heart is through their stomach! This saying has become popular for a reason — food matters. While traditional PGs may or may not come with food, coliving units generally include food plans. Different Coliving units may offer different food plans. We recommend inquiring about these plans and choosing a unit whose plans best suit your needs. This could significantly impact your overall experience. You can usually find information about these plans on the company websites itself. If in doubt, you can also call the customer care number and inquire about the plans offered with the different spaces you may opt for.

5. What’s close by?:

What’s in the vicinity? Is there a market/mall close by? What about a salon or grocery store? These are all factors to take into consideration while narrowing in on the neighborhood you are selecting a coliving unit within.

6. Safety first:

It is essential to ensure that your safety is not compromised. This can be done by taking into account the different security features the Coliving unit comes equipped with. These features include professional security guards being employed and the availability of CCTV cameras on every floor. In addition to these conventional safety measures, newer safety measures to consider in the post corona era include hygiene and sanitation measures. This may include the availability of sanitized wipes in every corner, or high-quality cleaning services, for instance.

7. Technology for the win:

Many Coliving units function on a virtual level as well, via company applications that make the consumers’ experience better. These applications can have many functions. One such function is that consumers can lodge complaints to resolve multiple issues ranging from internet problems to housekeeping issues. We would suggest opting for a Coliving company that offers such technological solutions to make your experience as comfortable as possible.

8. Enquire about common spaces:

The essence of coliving lies in community building. There is an emerging trend of Co-Living companies incorporating interactive common spaces where a community can be built. To truly get the most out of your coliving experience, try and pick a unit with common spaces that allow for engagement with other residents. This includes Recreational Lounges and Gyms, rooftops and gaming zones, and much more! Details about the common spaces each co-living unit comes with are easily accessible on the internet.

9. Go through an aggregator:

Aggregators match customers to the service providers best suited for their needs. By going through an aggregator, you can be assured of the best deals without compromising on quality! Aggregators like LetzRentoffer a wide choice, competitive pricing, and maximize convenience.

10. Visit and see, before finalizing:

Before you freeze in on any place and sign any contracts, do make sure to visit the rental unit and confirm that it has all the amenities and facilities you desire. Moreover, certain features of the unit that may not have come to your mind before, may seem important when you visit the unit in person and see the effect these features have on the space. An example of such a feature is the amount of ventilation offered in the room.’