Co-Working FAQs LetzRent

Co-Working FAQs LetzRent

Why should I use LetzRent to book a co-working space?
Co-working spaces offer flexibility and convenience, boost creativity via collaborative working, and have been linked to improvement in worker productivity, with research illustrating that 74% of workers reporting that they feel more “productive” engaging in a co-working space as compared to a traditional cubicle culture. But in order to tap into the advantages conferred by co-working spaces, it becomes important to choose the right co-working space in the first place. This may seem like a daunting task, but we at LetzRent are happy to help you out pick the perfect co-working space for your needs.

How can I book out a co-working space via LetzRent for my immediate needs?
In order to book out a co-working space via LetzRent, please first download our mobile application and sign up as a member. Thereafter, find the co-working space which is most conveniently located for your needs; and check-in the co-working space partner wherein you may have access to various options of spaces ranging from meeting rooms to open desks.

Can I also pre-book a co-working space via LetzRent?
Yes, you definitely can do so. The option to do so is easily available on our app and can be opted for. We’d be happy to guide you through the process as well if you have queries.

What amenities do you offer at your co-working spaces?
We offer all standard amenities such as the internet, air conditioning, power sockets, water, and bathrooms in every single co-working space we list out. Additionally, each LetzRent co-working space may have special amenities as well that have been highlighted in the description of the space available on our app.

What do I need to bring for my booking via LetzRent?

Can I extend the time duration of my booking?
If you have pre-reserved your booking and now want to extend the time duration of it, simply re-book the space for the desired time duration you would like to extend to.

How much will it cost to book a co-working space with LetzRent?
At LetzRent we are committed to providing you with the best quality deals without any compromise on quality. That being said, the exact cost of booking a co-working space via our company will be dependent upon a number of factors including the number of people using the space, the location of the space, the special amenities offered at the space, and so on.

What form of payment is applicable while booking my co-working space via LetzRent?
While booking your co-working space via LetzRent, all online payment modes are applicable. This includes Netbanking, Debit Card, Credit Card, Paytm, and UPI.

Can I have guests join me at my co-working space?
The number of people opted for in your booking will be allowed at the co-working space, irrespective of whether they are your company members or your guests. To bring in additional guests over and above this number, extra charges may be applicable which are subject to our service partners’ terms and conditions.

What hours is the co-working space I selected open? Is it open and accessible on weekends too?
This will totally depend upon the particular co-working space you have selected as each space may be subject to different timings and while some may be open and accessible on weekends others may not be.

I will commute to and from the space via car. Is there any parking available?
The availability of parking spaces for both your clients and you will be contingent upon the parking availability at that particular space at that particular point in time.

My co-working space booking has been cancelled. What should I do?
We do not anticipate this happening with any of our customers. Should this happen though, please feel free to reach out to our Customer Care helpline at 9987933348. We will do our very best to accommodate you in every way possible and help you meet your requirements.m

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