Living with someone who isn’t family is one of the serious commitments that people all around
the globe make when they decide to go ahead and rent a co-living.
Of course, throwing the word serious and commitment makes one think about the
relationship between people who rent a co-living or rent a PG together. The relationship
between people who rent a co-living or rent a PG together can be anywhere from a close and
personal one to a strictly business one.
College students who rent a PG together are the best of friends. In contrast, many working
professionals who rent a co-living are just looking for someone to split rent with and keep to
themselves. Roommates and housemates are the people with whom you exchange greetings
when you return home, wake up in the morning, and go to sleep at night — You would require
them to be pleasant enough so that your mood doesn’t get ruined when you see or talk to
LetzRent is a rent comparison platform that allows the user to rent a co-living. It’s a service that
puts the power of comparison in the user's hands and enables them to rent and earn rewards
when searching for the best home they can get. Search from multiple service providers on a
single rent comparison platform. Pay for the products one has hired on the same platform.
Combine all things one would want in a rental aggregator, and they would get LetzRent: an
ultimate rent comparison platform.
Isn’t that great? A rent comparison platform that allows the user to rent and earn rewards
while erasing all the confusion associated with online renting.
But the question that we are asking is if LetzRent helps you in finding the perfect roommate.
Unfortunately, the answer is no, but fortunately, we have some tips that would help you find
your ideal match (yes, we are still talking about roommates).
 Know What You Want Out of It
Decide what you want from your shared living arrangement: a close friend or a simple
rent-splitter. Tip – Making a list streamlines the process.
 Make Sure that Temperaments Match
Roommates don’t need to be carbon copies of each other, but they should complement
each other.
E.g., You want a roommate who would plugin their headphones when he sees you
reading at night.
 Schedules that Fit Your Needs
You won’t have as much privacy if your roommate is always around, and you or your
roommate may occasionally wake each other up if your sleep schedules are significantly

 Make Sure They Can Pay their Share of the Rent
Failing to pay rent is the worst sin a roommate can do. Pick a roommate that you know
can pay the rent each month on time. (you don't want to face this situation)
E.g., someone who has a steady job is more reliable than a student relying on their
parents for rent money.
 Similar Cleanliness Habits
A clean dorm is a happy dorm. Before even thinking about moving in or think about
using LetzRent to rent a PG, you need to talk about cleaning duties with your
 Good Communication
Living with someone who communicates well is the key to a good roommate
relationship. To avoid messy situations, you need to live with someone willing to discuss
how to share responsibilities.
E.g., if your roommate says he paid the rent, check with your landlord to be sure.
 Shared Interests
Although sharing interests with a roommate is not essential to a lasting living
arrangement, it sure can work. Having a roommate who shares your interests will
ensure that you always have at least one partner in crime when you're looking for
something to do.

We would like to conclude with a gentle reminder that if you are going to live with someone, the
most important thing is to respect them and their lifestyle. If you do that, and get the same
respect back from them, know that you’ve found the right one (still talking about a roommate).
Finally, remember with LetzRent, all you need to do is search for the best option, then rent and
earn rewards.


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