Do you also wish to drive different cars for different occasions?

Do you also wish to drive different cars for different occasions?

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Like many others, you must have also thought of driving different cars every single day? Wouldn’t it be great if we could use a hatchback to manoveure city traffic during the week and drive an SUV for the weekend getaways or attend the friend’s marriage in a luxurious sedan? Can that be possible? Yes, now it’s no more privileged only for the uber-rich. Even an aspirational millennial who works hard and party harder can live his dreams of driving multiple cars without spending a bomb.
Imagine driving a different car every week or month and that too at the cost of less than the monthly down payment of your car? With Letzrent, you get the option to choose from your favourite cars from your favourite rental brands like AVIS, Mychoize, Eco Rent a Car, WOWCarz and many more and experience a life which you had always aspired of. You name the car, and it’s yours for the agreed number of days. Now that’s interesting, isn’t it?
Renting a car is not only for those who don’t own a car. Some might need a bigger or comfortable car for special occasions like weekend getaways with a large group of friends or attending a friends marriage in another city or just to enjoy a ride in a luxurious car. But multiple cars adds to the cost associated with maintenance, insurance, fuel, etc.
Letzrent have hassle-free solutions to help you drive your favourite car without the need of buying it. You simply rent a car as per your needs and use it for as long as you want and then return it. You just have to pay for the usage of the services. You can also go for a chauffeur-driven car rental when you just want to relax in the backseat and enjoy the ride. We have options starting from hatchback to sedan to SUV to even a 12 seater air-conditioned tempo traveller for the large groups. So if you are a large group of friends or even an extended family can travel in a single-vehicle. Just hop into it and let the driver know where you want to go.

Which cars belong to the luxury category?
Cars that have high-end features above the average requirements are categorized as luxury cars. They are way ahead of the low-end cars in terms of looks, comfort and safety. These cars are usually expensive and high maintenance because of their limited production volumes and expensive spare parts.
However, you can now enjoy these luxury cars because you have the choice of comparing multiple service providers & choosing from the luxury car rental available on Letzrent at competitive pricing. You also earn rewards for every transaction you do on Letzrent. Just download the App compare the prices & brand, book the one which matches your requirements, and voila, you are good to go. We have Self-drive, chauffeur-driven i.e. cars with driver and even monthly car rental option available on our platform from multiple international and national service providers. So that you always get the choice of cars available at your disposal.
Which cars are available for rent on Letzrent?
When you have the Letzrent App on your phone, you can leave all your car rental-related worries behind because we have a car available for every occasion & for every type of trips, ranging from hatchback, compact sedans SUV, MUV, Luxurious and many more. We even have limousine available in select locations. You can check out Innova car rental for family vacations, compact sedan Swift Dzire for intercity commute or XUV 500 or Mahindra Scorpio for an adventurous off-road trip.

Benefits of renting a car
You can rent cars for many reasons: business trips, family functions, vacations, or as a replacement for your car that’s being repaired. Whatever is the situation, renting a car can have many advantages over buying your own. Let us tell you why renting a car from Letzrent is a good idea.
You can compare the prices of the same car via different rental service providers in one place,
You can select the different service providers every time without worrying about redoing the KYC.
You will earn rewards every time you rent a car from Letzrent, and you can redeem those rewards in future bookings.
You can have the comfort & experience of travelling in luxurious cars without making a hole in your pocket.
It’s not just affordable and convenient than booking multiple cabs for each part of your journey. You also don’t have to be dependent on the cab drivers mood to reach your destination.
You get to select your car without any hassle, and with 24*7customer support, you always have peace of mind no matter where you’re travelling to. We have service available in 65+ cities of India, so wherever you are travelling, we would be able to assist you.
Last but not least, you get to drive your favourite car, or get a chauffeur-driven one, which will surely make your journey a memorable one.

Driving around in luxurious cars has been in each of our aspiration lists. Isn’t it? Then why wait when Letzrent is allowing us to fulfil this aspiration! To rent top options in luxury car rental from the best of the rental brands at a fraction of the price, click here.

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