FAQs- Self-drive car rentals

FAQs- Self-drive car rentals

Customers tend to have various questions before renting a self-drive car. So here are the few most frequently asked questions, answered for your convenience.

  • Is it safe for long trips?

YES, it is safe to rent a self-drive car for long journeys. Proper servicing and maintenance are taken care of. Regular check is done and repair is taken care of. Every part is checked by skilled and equipped mechanics to ensure the safety of the passengers.


  • Who pays for the fuel?

Most of the companies have now provided the choice to the customers, to decide if they want the fuel excluded or included. The price varies accordingly.


  • What is the age requirement?

Anyone possessing a driver’s licence for a four-wheeler can rent a car and drive it. The age limit for luxury cars may vary, which may be around 21,22 Years of age.


  • How much security amount is to be paid?

The amount of security varies from company to company and customer to customer. It also depends on the type of car you are renting. It may be around 4-5k for a hatchback. sometimes companies could also wave off the security for regular and loyal customers.

  • Who pays for the damage of the car?

Damages caused due to irresponsible driving or accidents or supposed to be borne by the one renting. In case of major accidents, some amount has to be given by the one renting and a major proportion is recovered by the insurance companies, as all the cars are insured. Any technical problem, or wear and tear like the engine stops working, horn doesn’t work etc. Such damages are taken care of by the rental company.

  • Can You pick and drop in different cities?

YES, it is possible. Most of the companies do have this option, with some extra charge, but the city has to be the one which has the service.

  • What if the car is returned late?

Mostly, a grace period of up to one hour is allowed. If you want an extension you can inform it prior to the company, or through the app or website, otherwise, extension charges are applied for different cars at different rates.

  • Can you change the date or locations after booking?

YES, the date and location can be changed if the desired car is available for the required time and date. If the slots are already booked, then it is not possible.

  • Can anyone steal the car?

Companies keep a track of every car and before renting one asks for certain documents and identity proofs which are thoroughly checked and verified. Many companies also have GPS systems installed and thus can track the moments of the car.

  • Can anyone drive the car?

Yes, it is not necessary that only the one who has done the registration can drive. Anyone possessing a driver’s licence can drive. A copy of the driver’s licence of the people intending to drive has to be submitted to the company.

  • Which is the cheapest car to rent?
    Different companies provide various types of cars for different prices. The price of the car depends on the type of car you rent, the model of the car, the number of hours/days you want to Rent for and also the place you are renting at. You can’t search for cars for rent on Letzrent, compare the prices provided by different companies and choose the best price.
  • Can you Pay cash for Renting a car?
    this option varies on the company you are booking from. Some companies accept cash payment while some prefer only digital and cashless transactions.
  • Can you rent a car at the airport?
    YES, it is possible to rent a car at the airport. You can do the booking prior, mention your location and detail and easily drive back from the airport in a rental car.

15. What disqualifies you from renting?
Before confirming the book, the KYC is done, during which all your uploaded documents and identity proofs are checked and verified. Any glitch in the uploaded documents would mean disapproval of your booking and thus the booking can not be made.

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