Hacks for Self-Drive Car Rental in India

Hacks for Self-Drive Car Rental in India

Industry leaders anticipate that self-drive car rental demand will zoom up in popularity during the post lockdown period in India. Anticipating this rising demand, we’d like to give you 7 ultimate hacks on how to surf through the self drive car rental experience in India.

  •  Secure your trust through an Aggregator:

Aggregators usually have mechanisms that allow all previous customers to rate the rental services provided to them. This includes the cars that they have previously rented out. Thus, aggregators provide transparency to the renter who can be relaxed that their trust will not be taken advantage of.

  • The early bird drives the best car:

Rent out your car in advance if possible, to avoid the surge in prices that come with the holiday season or specific events. Of course, this is not always possible or feasible but renting in advance as much as possible could substantially increase the savings for you!

  • Make sure the car matches you!

Each car presents its own strengths and weaknesses. It is the exact permutation and combination of the car’s characteristics with your own desires and wants that determine just how smooth your drive by is! So, when picking a car to rent, it is important to ensure you are taking into account factors such as gearing and suspension, the speed at which you intend to drive and the terrain you will be charting across. Even within the same vertical of cars, there are several differences between each individual car model.

  • Examine and enlist – the two fundamental Es:

While aggregators strive to ensure transparency and accountability, they cannot guarantee every future car rental experience will be seamless. To ensure that your experience is, in fact, seamless, examine the vehicle properly to see that there is no major damage to the body of the car. Also, take note of the amount of fuel/oil. Be sure to check on tyre pressure as well. If you do find any shortcomings do make sure to enlist these and record the same; so that later you cannot be held responsible for damages you did not create in the first place.

  • Connect and contact – the two essential Cs:

Make sure to build a connection with the customer representative who has overseen your booking. This way, if you do run into any problems that are unforeseen and unexpected you know who will be a call(or click) away!

  • Save numbers Offline (in case you go offroad):

Prepare for the worst but very unlikely eventuality that you may find yourself derailed in your journey and need assistance/adjustments to your rental plan. In this case, particularly in rural areas in India, one may lose the internet and be unable to access the mobile application/website one had booked through. To avoid being helpless at this moment in time, do store your customer representative’s number in your contacts list.

  • Pro hack for Indian roads:

Pick a rental car that has good ground clearance. This is important because Indian roads are often rough and uneven, full of unexpected obstacles.

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