Letzrent-the smarter way to rent

Letzrent-the smarter way to rent

Mohit and Riya, who lives in Pune, are getting married and are on a phone conversation a few days before. 

Mohit: Just five days left for the big day. How excited are you? 

 Riya: Can’t express in words. But I am also a bit worried. I hope everything goes well. 

Mohit: Don’t Worry, I will manage everything. You focus on your dance and makeup, and jewellery. I am sure it’s going to be the best day of our lives. 

Riya: All of our friends will be coming in two days, are you done with all the bookings and preparations? 

Mohit: I have booked Airbnb for our friends. I’ll confirm the car booking soon. 

Riya: Soon? Is it not done yet? And what about your clothes for D-day? 

 Mohit: It is almost done! I have decided which one to rent, and I just have to do the KYC and final payment. Same for the car.

 Riya: Mohit, do You realise it’s just a few days for our wedding and you haven’t confirmed the bookings yet.

 Mohit: I know, but it’s a lot of work; there is so much to manage. For every booking, I have to surf various websites to find the right price, select the best option, do the KYC and verification. And I have office work besides this as well. I’ll do everything as soon as I get time.

Riya: you wouldn’t have faced such hassle, only if you listened to me. I told you so many times to download the LetzRent app and do all the bookings from there. 

 It would have been so convenient to Rent everything from One place. Easy to compare and choose, and do the KYC just once. God knows why you are wasting so much time. 

Mohit: o shit! I completely forgot about this app. I’ll do everything remaining right away. 

 Riya: we aren’t even married, and you have started forgetting things I Say already? 

 Mohit: haha! I am sorry, it won’t happen again. 

 Riya: I have to rush for the spa. Talk to you later. Hope You won’t have any difficulty now. 

 Mohit: absolutely not, because you are here to solve all my problems 

 Riya: yes! Just like LetzRent solves mine. 

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