Rent pg in bangalore

Rent pg in bangalore

Do you want a reasonable PG in Bangalore? If yes, then consider taking a look at Letzrent offerings in the city. Join new friends in Bangalore by renting a fully furnished room nearby your workplace or college. Letzrent helps you find a new home away from your home, no matter which one you choose as per your needs.
Letzrent brings you new-age professionally-managed accommodations to stay. Gone are the days when you have to settle with whatever you found. Now, don’t be content with being just a paying guest in Bangalore, where you just come back to eat, sleep, and then leave for the next day. That’s because now you have the option to choose the best co-living option in Bangalore and that too in your preferred Location. Letzrent provides you the option to choose the best PG in Bangalore, at not just affordable prices. Still, with great amenities and to top of it, we make it rewarding too. So select the best PG in your choice of Location and get rewarded for it. Every time you book your PG via Letzrent, after comparing the multiple options available, we reward you with a gift voucher of up to Rs 1000. Which you can redeem for other services like car rental, furniture rental, bike rental, etc.
Every year, lakhs of people pack their bags and leave their hometowns as life takes them to Bangalore in pursuit of a new job or education. And the most important thing that they need is a place to stay. So far, that search has led them to the many luxury PGs in Bangalore, but we feel they deserve the choice to decide. They deserve a place that can be their second home, and to find that, they should have the best options in one place to compare.
How to Find a Good PG or Co-Living in Bangalore?
The best way to find a good PG is to choose the one that fits your budget and provides you the top amenities and near your office/college location. The easiest way is to download the Letzrent App, which is available on the play store & app store. Then, go to the co-living section and select from the different options available from the best of the brands. At Letzrent, we aggregate all the major PG service providers in one app so that it becomes easier for you to find and choose the one, which is most suitable for you. And above all, whenever you choose a PG from Letzrent APP, you get rewarded too. A typical PG in Bangalore has four walls and a roof, with a bed, table, and chair combination. The amenities are also limited to basic furniture, security guards, kitchen utensils, wifi connectivity, etc. However, you should choose one where rooms are equipped with all the furniture you need, from beds to bookshelves. And you’ll have your essentials need taken care of, the way you are used to at home. You will definitely miss your family; however, new friends may assuage that feeling a bit. So instead of shifting to any pg in Bangalore, choose the one which makes you feel like the comforts of home.
What do you look for in a PG?
The most important thing to look for is the Location after that amenities, food, brand, reviews, etc. The way to look for the best PG in Bangalore is on the Letzrent app. That’s because paying guest facilities in Bangalore are many, and you need only one. So choose after going through multiple options available. You shouldn’t look for a place where you don’t want to come back, as with the higher prevalence of work from home or remote working. You should look for a place where you belong, which you’ll remember fondly as your “second home” in Bangalore.
Best Ladies and Gents PG in Bangalore
Well, every co-living or PG service providers claim to be the best; however, to truly evaluate them is via the Letzrent app, as you get to see their reviews from the actual customers. Therefore, it becomes easier for you to find the best one by going through the rating & reviews given by the customer.
Popular Areas for Best PG in Bangalore
A PG in Bangalore is the most common choice for students and working professionals. Here you can explore the best luxury PGs across the 5 most popular localities of Bangalore.

HBR Layout

Hsr Layout is a new suburb in Bangalore. Primarily a residential area, it has several schools and colleges too. For example, the JSS Public School, Oxford College, and National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) are located here. A pg in Bangalore for females and a cot basis room rent in Bangalore can be found at Bangalore without any brokerage at Letzrent. You can party at various clubs lounges spread across the locality.


Mahadevapura is one of the city’s bustling trade centers and is close to Majestic Circle. In addition, St. John’s medical college hospital, a renowned missionary hospital, is located at Mahadevapura and has the biggest lake in Bangalore. With Letzrent, find a single room with a kitchen for rent in Bangalore or shared accommodation in Bangalore and party with your friends at Déjà vu Resto bar, Fenny’s, and many more places that you can explore.
Pattandur Agrahara
PG is not just a room to give shelter; young people carry dreams in their eyes when they come to another city to study or to earn their living. Leaving your home to follow your dreams is not easy, and those who do hard work must get paid back for it; they too deserve the comfort and feel of a homely environment. With over 100+ properties in all the major areas of Bangalore, the residents can enjoy the most prominent services, which include clean and furnished rooms, refrigerators, DTH services, hot water supply, wifi, homemade food, trained & caring staff.

How is the life of a paying guest or co-living renter in Bangalore?
Wake up. Eat breakfast. Rush to work or college. Do the grind. Get exhausted. Come back. Eat dinner. Sleep. Repeat the next day.
The life of a PG in Bangalore doesn’t really have any room for ‘life.’ But at a good PG/co-living, you’ll have entertainment zones, gaming corners, and chill-out spots. Then there can be regular movie screenings, game nights organized by the co-living management, skill-building workshops, and many more community events that are organized by few co-living service providers. So choose the one which can provide you all these at minimum cost.

Cost of Living in Bangalore – PG vs. Rented 1BHK Flat
Bangalore is one of the most expensive Indian cities to live in. In popular spots like Koramangala, Bannerghatta, and MG Road, monthly rent for 1BHK can be anywhere between Rs. 12,000 to 24,000, depending on the locality and amenities available. Add the expenses of a domestic help’s salary, groceries, transport, electricity, and nightlife, and soon, you’ll have a long list of monthly expenses.
That’s overwhelming, even if you have six zeroes at the end of your package.
But relax. Living a fulfilling life in a great pg or co-living in Bangalore is more than possible on a budget. There are many great options available, even at affordable pricing. This was a little difficult to search earlier; however, now with Letzrent, it has become very convenient to find the best option in your price range. At Letzrent, you get fully-furnished rooms, meals, exhaustive amenities, a vibrant life, and tech integrations that make luxury PGs in Bangalore feel like ancient history, for as low as Rs 7,500 per month.

Find your Next Home as Paying Guest/ Co-living in Bangalore:
Now that you know why you should search for the best PGs in Bangalore on the Letzrent app, explore our many residences spread over the city, and choose the one that feels most like home to you.
There are several Engineering, medical, other educational colleges along with various IT & technology companies.

How many is Unisex PG available in Bangalore?
More than 100 unisex PGs are available in Bangalore, and to compare the one that matches your need, download the Letzrent app and decide.

How many PG available for boys in Bangalore?
More than 2k boys PGs are available in Bangalore, and to compare the one that matches your need, download the Letzrent app and decide.
How many are PGs for girls available in Bangalore?
More than 700 girls’ PGs are available in Bangalore, and to compare the one that matches your need, download the Letzrent app and decide.

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