Rental Economy

Rental Economy

In the past few years, India has seen tremendous growth in the service startups category. The startup has been clearly focusing on providing services for all our needs. This in a way makes us dependent on them but why not? Our things are getting done faster than before. With this booming startup culture, the one thing which is thriving is the rental economy. It may be skyrocketing price of real estate, electronic appliances, or fragile job security. It has definitely created a great ecosystem for rental of all kinds. Youngsters migrating to a tier1 city led to increasing in demand for rental accommodation, rental transport, furniture, and even rental home appliances. The real estate market has gone online with Magicbricks, Rentomojo and Furlenco apps are well received by the millennial. Self-drive cars, bikes like Yulu, Drivezy, Zoomcar have already created their customer. Coliving spaces are growing for like-minded working community students with Nestaway, Zolo, and some great brands. The rapid expansion of the rental sector put hope in the growth of the industry. But it is equally true with inundating choices customers are more confused than ever. Wouldn’t be it great if there are more online aggregators that can help in good decision making. The smart buyer or renter mindset will take a sigh of relief afterward, true? Online Comparison apps are needed by the customer that can further provide a delightful customer experience by suggesting the best deals. The ease of using just one app for rental services is time-saving and a smart option to think of. Isn’t it?
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