self drive car hire
self drive car hire

10 Tips to Rent a Self Drive Car

Experts argue that in the post-Corona era, with a newfound emphasis on personal mobility, self-drive car rental may undergo a drastic increase in demand. Self-drive car rental allows for personal mobility and convenience, without a compromise on safety and we believe this is what will make it a proposition that will attract many people in the times to come!

We at LetzRent — India’s first Online Rental Aggregator, are often told by people that they struggle with picking the perfect self-drive rental car. Given this uncertainty, we would like to give you 10 ultimate tips on how to make the most of your self-drive car rental experience in India!

1. Book as much in advance as possible:

Book your rental in advance if possible, to avoid the rise in prices that come with the weekend, holiday season, or specific events.

2. Make sure the car matches you:

When picking a car to rent, ensure you are taking into account factors such as the speed at which you intend to drive. Even within the same vertical, there are several differences between each individual car model.

3. Examine the vehicle beforehand:

We would recommend that you check the vehicle properly beforehand for any damage to the body of the car as well as tire pressure. If you do find any shortcomings do make sure to record the same. This can help ensure that later you will not be unfairly held responsible for pre-existing damages.

4. Secure your trust through an Aggregator:

Aggregators are websites/platforms that collect and display the vetted services providers within an industry. They provide transparency to the renter who can be relaxed that their trust will not be taken advantage of. Aggregators like LetzRentoffer a wide choice, competitive pricing, and maximize convenience.

5. Save numbers Offline:

Prepare for the unexpected possibility that you may get derailed and need assistance/adjustments to your rental plan. In this case, one may lose access to the internet and the application/website you had booked through. To avoid being helpless at this moment in time, do store your customer representative’s number in your contacts list.

6. Book a vehicle without the fuel:

While this could mean that you’ll have to spend some time filling up the car’s petrol tank, it will result in substantial savings for you.

7. Ensure that you are using the correct fuel type:

Do consider exercising extra caution and checking the type of fuel the vehicle needs to be filled with. In case you end up getting the wrong kind of fuel filled, you may damage the car and incur penalties.

8. Factor in additional costs:

There are several additional costs to take into consideration as well, like toll, parking, etc. One other cost that may be applicable to you is the expense incurred in going to pick up as well as drop back the car from the rental unit. At times, the distance from such a unit may even be 7–8 km, in which case we recommend renting a car through an aggregator that helps secure your home delivery of the rental car.

9. Be aware of the rental company’s rules and policies:

It is important to take note of the rules and regulations of the rental company mentioned in the fine print. For instance, different car rental companies have varied car upgrades policies.

10. Pro hack for Indian roads:

Pick a rental car that has good ground clearance. This is important because Indian roads are often rough and uneven, full of unexpected obstacles.