Take a shift from your ownership and Just rent it.

Take a shift from your ownership and Just rent it.

The skyrocketing price of real estate and the fragile job security has led to the formation of a new ecosystem for rentals of all kinds. The demand to rent is seen rising these days among the young gen in terms of travel, food, leisure and rooms. Youngsters are moving to tier 1 city from the urban cities in India for higher education and better employment opportunities. This has led to an increase in the demand for rental accommodations. 

The millennials also prefer to rent stylish and high-quality furniture at a fraction of the cost of buying. This is not just about renting furniture, it’s about building an ecosystem that makes the entire aspect of setting up a home convenient and enjoyable at an affordable cost. 

Mobility has caused the rental of transportation too. Car rental company, Zoomcar has incorporated several attractive features like zero down payment and no maintenance or insurance cost that makes even the non-intentional consumers rent cars. The new age finds it hassle-free to rent a bike and go out on adventure trips once on the weekends. 

The once in a season occasion like marriage and festivals like Navrati has steered to the emerging fashion subscription in India. Starting right from the outfit, jewellery and even handbags had caused the urban millennial population to rent these without spending thousands for one-time usage. Owing to this new trend, renting companies have decided to expand their online footprint by opening offline stores where customers can actually touch, feel and then rent their suitable apparels. This also opens even more ideas for renting outfits. 


Letzrent is here to redefine your way of using everyday entities. Why buy when you can rent commodities, and use them at a fraction of the price? Letzrent makes it easy for you to check the prices and availability of cars, co-living, co-working, furniture, apparels and aircraft. All you need to do is signup on to our app, make your pick and pay for what you rent. Letzrent brings the best brand to your desk at an affordable rate. You get to choose a wide variety of products and Services.

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