What is a rental aggregator?

What is a rental aggregator?

What are Rental Aggregators:
Rental Aggregators are platforms/programs that with the help of technology connect consumers to the service providers; and vice versa. Letzrent is an aggregator cum comparison platform that reward users for renting. So a consumer can search the desired, compare brand and prices to find the best deal and get rewarded for renting from letzrent.

How rental aggregators build communities of trust:
Rental aggregators must strike a balance between the needs and wants of the consumer with those of the service provider. In doing so, the rental aggregator connects individuals with veracity to each other, ensuring that no one’s trust is misplaced in the process. Albeit the system currently used is far from perfect, a gradual shift to the usage of rental aggregators could imply a closer-knit community with a strong work ethic and above all reciprocal respect. Rental aggregators can thus come to take on the role of influence aggregators and thereby build a community of trust.

Examples of rental aggregators:

Rental Property Aggregator:
NoBroker is a great example of a rental aggregator that has made its mark in the residential property market of India. It allows residential property owners to connect with potential tenants through the use of their mobile application or “app”. Devoid of brokers, the potential tenants and property owners can directly be in touch! The listings are vividly detailed and even a map for better visualisation.

Do Aggregators disrupt economies?:
There has been a longstanding notion that aggregators ‘cannibalize’ on the smaller players in economies and are disruptive to the growth of the sectors they lie within. This notion seems intuitive if we conceptualize aggregators to be replacing the business of smaller market players; rather than building symbiotic markets, beneficial to these smaller players.

However, empirical research suggests that the latter conceptualization is more accurate – that aggregators tend to build symbiotic markets where all players, including smaller local players, thrive. Judd Cramer and Alan B. Krueger provide some compelling evidence for the benefits of a particular aggregator – Uber X on the cab-hailing segment of the US economy. T

PS: We are a company that facilitates rental aggregation!
Letzrent is an aggregator cum comparison platform that reward users for renting.

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