What is LetzRent & its benefits to Millennials

What is LetzRent & its benefits to Millennials

LetzRent is one of the first global rental aggregators where you
can rent almost anything and everything you want from a
flying jet to a pair of shoes. If there’s anything you truly
desire, you’ll find it here. It gives us millennials a platform
where we can just rent stuff instead of buying it, which will, in
turn, help us save a lot of money which we can use for other
LetzRent provides us millennials a chance to live a better and
more efficient life through their services. Though it seems
millennial oriented it can actually help all ages
according to their requirements.
1. Very easy to understand the system:
 The whole website is easy to use and also user friendly, all the things are well
connected with each other and anyone with a basic knowledge of the internet and
English can use the website according to their need.

2. Wide range of services to choose from:
 First, they’ve divided all their rental services into five basic groups CARS, CO-LIVING,
 In the car’s option, you can rent almost any car of your dreams according to your
convenience. You can rent cars on a daily or monthly basis according to your choice
and the cost will vary accordingly.
 Flats and spaces for co-living and co-working are available starting from only 6000
per month and the price may increase according to your choice of location.
 Furniture is something we millennials really want but buying them at full cost is
sometimes impossible for us, so LetzRent brings us a FURNITURE option to rent any
furniture of our choice at a fraction of the original price, making our life much easier.
 They also provide us with a wide range of apparels from Indian to western you
name it they have it, we can use many of them for our one-time parties and also for
some one-time big events, this makes it cost-efficient and fashionable at the same

 And the highlight of our event we can rent a personal jet, yes, I’m not joking one can
rent a personal jet for anywhere for a particular time limit.

3. Completely convenient:
 Millennials usually find it awkward, inconvenient and time-consuming to contact
multiple people or to go through multiple stuff to get their work done.
 LetzRent serves as a one-stop platform for all our rental needs.
 You can also contact them directly about any of your quarries or requirements.
4. Cost-efficient:
 It gives you the best price on all their products.
 Renting stuff makes one’s life much easier and convenient.
 You can rent stuff at a fraction of the original price of the product.
 You can live your dream life by paying even lesser than what you pay for your daily

5. Fresh stuff:
 Newest and trending fashion options available in the apparels section.
 Cars of your dreams and choices.
 Newer and fancier home spaces and workspaces available.
 And finally, what can be fresher or fancier than being able to rent an actual PRIVATE


Millennial belongs to the era of passion and dreams, they are most of the time on their self-discovering journey. Some of them are not sure about, where are going to settle and for some, it is hard to manage their expenses.
They keep moving for jobs and promotions and then it becomes tough to move all your goods
along with you. Imagine you have bought a car, decorated your house, bought a lot of luxuries
and meanwhile got a better job in another city.
It's hard to move with all those things but now think of another situation where you have all
these mentioned above at rent and you don't have to worry about moving and shifting.
Who doesn't want this but where to get it, surfing different websites for days is a headache but
what a single website where you can rent all even a private jet in three simple steps.
Yes, letzrent is that website where you can rent everything you want or need very easily.
What is letzrent :
Founded in September 2019 in Mumbai, Maharashtra, letzrent is India’s first online rental
aggregator. They bring you the best brands like FREQUIP, MYCHOIZE, BOOK MY
COSTUME, YesssWorks, etc at very reasonable prices.
You can rent anything like cars, apparels, home decor, furniture, apartments, everything here.
You can rent a car at Rs 1809/day and 21393/months. Apparel starts from 249/day and even
you can rent a private jet at only Rs 4500/day.
Isn't it unbelievable, getting all your needs and even luxuries at one click. This wide range of
products and services make it a " one-stop solution for all your rental needs".
Why not buy but rent:
It depends on many factors like are you financially stable and if yes, then are you able to handle
a loan along with the maintenance of all these things. Or are you sure of not moving from this
place for at least 5 years? If in both the conditions, your answer is NO then letzrent is for you.
It is a tough situation when you are young and new to the job. you should enjoy more and think
of maintaining a good lifestyle, where you can be happy but not of loan EMI's. Moving and
shifting is again a very tiring job. In this situation renting is the best option for you. You will get
everything without loan pressure or compromising on your lifestyle.
How to use letzrent :

It is an easy three-step process, which does not take much of your time and very convenient for
your use.
Sign up: download the app either from the Google play store or the App Store and sign up, it’s an easy
Lookup: check for the products you need, choose as per you want from various options,
available near to your area.
Pay up: after choosing what you like, pay for your purchase, letzrent service have made the
payment process easier for you.
Final words :
Letzrent is a one-stop solution for all your rental needs, here you can rent apartments,
automobiles, apparels, furniture, home decor or even private jets at reasonable prices. It brings
the best of the brands to you.
You can consider letzrent as the best option for you. If you are financially not stable or cannot
handle loans and maintenance costs without compromising your lifestyle. Even if you are
someone who can afford all these but not sure about living in a city for more than five years,
letzrent is an option for you too. Moving and shifting could be very tiring and can also damage
your products.
Before buying anything consider letzrent as your best option, without worrying about EMI’s and
get the best quality at affordable prices.


Growing up in a fast-moving world isn’t easy, Today life is both hard and
dynamic at the same time. Things are growing faster, changes are rapid
and certainty is getting tough. Back in the era of the 60s and 70s, life
was neither ambitious nor informatively rich; people used to stick with
rigid commitments and these rigid commitments required permanent
immovability. This can further be explained with the help of a classic
example; Suppose you buy a house in your hometown with the help of
your hard-earned money over a course of 5 to 10 years and with some
amounted loan from a bank on interest. After 2 years of living in that
house, you got an offer from a better institute that is willing to pay
you a better paycheck. Sounds good right? but the catch here is that
the offered job is in some other city. Now suddenly the immovable
asset of yours (i.e. home sweet home) demand liabilities such as
property tax, mortgage, Interests etc. So what will you do? Either you & ll
take the job with increased paychecks, pay rent and EMIs at the same
time or you continue in the same city with your existing job and praise your
These types of situations not only generalized to Houses and Lands but
also occur in day to day essentials such as Cars, Bikes, Furniture,
Apparel etc. If someone says that it better to take a bridal dress on rent
than to own one. Then it might sound traditionally funny but financially
it will save you a ton of money.
There are many rental services that are provided by many companies
these days but collective services are very rare to find in this genre.
Letzrent services are both unique and collective at the same time in the
business of rental operations.

To understand the uniqueness and collective accessibility of Letzrent,
first, we have to know what Letzrent actually is?
Letzrent is the world’s first online rental aggregator which integrates all
your requirements under one single platform. Here, individual can rent
from a private jet to fancy dress that too from the best of the brands.
It’s an organization whose objective is to provide millennials with an
option to convert their aspirations into the experience at a fraction of the
cost. Today's generation which goes by " generation Z" are more
interested in travelling the world or following their passion than
worrying about how will they buy their first home or car!
Fundamentally, Letzrent & score foundation is centred around the moto
of providing experiences with no immovable strings.


All rental services under one roof
Letzrent provide basics to luxurious services under one setup, It
The interface provides easiness in choosing the right package according to
one's specific need.
Credit rewards
Using a Credit card for home or office rental payments, Letzrent services
provide up to 45 days credit period and reward points.

Big playing brands

Whether its car, furniture or apparel, every bit of service comes from
the top-notch brands.
Flat 250 off on the installation of Letzrent app
250 rupees off under any section of service provided by Letzrent for the
very first booking.
Hygienic and precautionary
Rental Cars, Bike and planes are thoroughly checked before delivering
according to covid grade standards.
Competitive prices
Competitive and compatible pricing system runs under Letzrent
atmosphere, where user can opt from multiple price services according
to his/her needs and range.
Hassle-free experience
Neither sales executives nor call spamming! just straight and simple
booking experience.


Letzrent is the world’s first rental aggregator. It helps you
rent from a private jet to fancy dress that too from the best of the
brands. It’s an organization whose objective is to provide our
millennial with an option to convert their aspirations into an
experience at a fraction of the cost. And to do so we provide our
users with a wide variety of choices for the product and services that
they are looking at competitive pricing and convenience of finding
everything under one roof.
o Rent a Self-drive or Chauffeur Driven Car
o Rent a Co-Working Space from best of the service providers
o Rent Furniture or Appliances.
o, Rent Gaming Consoles.
o Rent Aircraft or Yachts for Joy Ride or Longer duration.
o, Rent fully furnished Co-living spaces.
o And all these from the best of the brands in the industry so
you can be, rest assured about the quality & experience.

Calling a taxi using various apps is easy but they can limit your
expenditure. The easy way for you to reach your favourite destination is
by renting a car from various car rentals. But you can choose online
booking from Letzrent so you can get your rentals from any part you are
in. They let you rent furniture or appliances for your home and your
working space.

The millennials are hugely benefitted by this as they live per the motto
YOLO (You Only Live Once). In this fast-moving world, the search for
the permanent first home or car s difficult to find. The youths are in the
larger pacing world making them live their life in a kind of urgency.
They move at in fast reeling pace, and they wander everywhere, so they
are in need to secure the cheapest and safest option out there for them.

Since Letzrent is providing with those options earning the millennial’s
trust fair and square. The amount of fast pacing youths is increasing skyrocketed and the amount of urgency in the things they buy and sell is too
high. Thus instead of making them buy and sell very often to their own
wish. So, coming up with an idea to make their life easier, the millennials
started to rent and now they also started to choose Letzrent for the
better options.

Letzrent provides the pillars of the future with various help in renting the
stuff. The basic things we rent mostly are cars, books, furniture. But
added to this, Letzrent makes this various stuff available too: Working
space, Living space, Apparels, oh and Aircraft too.

The availability of the rental things varies from place to place your
request from. The one site for comparing your prices, availability of
services, including the major rental services in a single platform,
contains many options for you to choose from, allows you to cancel the
rental too. The tips they provide while renting the things you need.

The best part of renting rather than buying is that to pay for 1/5 th of the
price. The competitive world does not leave much time for the
youngsters to sit and plan for the best thing to buy, instead offers them
the best remedial option that is renting. Seeing this great
opportunity, the millennials grabbed and played it along. This has
reduced a lot of stress and pressure off the shoulders of the upcoming
generations. This idea has been cultivated throughout the years and has
been practised to lessen the burden. The partnerships with the major
companies that offer rentals over various places you wish for.

Even though the benefits of Letzrent are countless, these are the best
options if you opt to try it out.

Letzrent is India’s first biggest online rental marketplace. Here, an individual can rent anything
from furniture to private jet, that too from top-notch brands at reasonable prices. ‘You name it,
we have it, is our foremost rule. Letzrent is one of the most trusted organisations whose motive
is to turn our millennials dreams into reality. We aspire to provide our customers with a rich
experience of renting almost everything they dream of, within their reach and at the lowest cost
possible. Our vision is to step up as an evolutionary approach for the younger generation which
could make them believe in achieving their passion of procuring their dream lifestyle.
We as a modernized as well as a visionary company know the needs of our millennial customers.
As of today, we know the young blood of our country lives under FOMO (Fear of missing out),
they are so indulged in their daily duties that they are captivated by the fear of missing out on the
most thrilling experiences of their lives. Letzrent understands the mindset of young folks. Today,
people are more focused on making experiences than owning commodities. Here, we give our
customers a sense of affinity which makes them believe that they are not bonded by assets, but
they are content with the lifestyle they& have created. We assure young men and women to keep
pace and focus on their career and following their passion and chill out about how will they buy
their first home or car. We see through the lives of millennials. Letzrent serves as a one-stop
a platform for all your rental needs. Characterized with the latest technologies and advanced
systems our products are par excellence. We provide the best-branded cars on rent which have
high standard characteristics such as, Dual Front Airbags, Anti-lock Braking System, Rear
Defogger, Manual Day/Night IRVM, Central Locking, All Four Power Windows, etc. Letzrent not
only provides you best options for the perfect co-working space but also helps you in picking the
perfect co-living space. Here, we furnish our customers with everything about which they have
to think twice before spending a fortune for them.
As they say, “It’s not the money that matters, it's how you use it that determines its true value.”
Letzrent shows you away and saves you from a lot of hassle of buying luxurious assets. We
provide the greatest after-sale services in addition to topmost deals and discounts. Letzrent
provides the finest quality furniture with a variety of choices at an affordable price. We firmly
believe in a very veracious saying that “a true salesman doesn't find customers for their
products, rather they find products for their customers.” Letzrent is one of the most preferred
destinations for the millennials who by no chance want to compromise with the standard or
quality of living. We as a customer-focused company are extremely aware of emerging
trends and new approaches, we save you from unwanted wandering for the best products to
rent on multiple sites and apps. We know, today's youth is highly busy with more valuable things
than acquiring costly assets, so we provide you with easy and accessible options for renting your
dream assets.
Letzrent is one of the most committed companies that rent commodities without any struggle or
hassle. Our strength is the faith, of our customers as well as our strong belief to provide the best
services to our customers. We at Letzrent take it as pride to serve our customers with top-
grade facilities and consider it our responsibility to give them an enriching experience which
they would cherish for a lifetime.


Letzrent is a platform where you can get your desired things by simply scrolling
through our website or the app. From renting a costliest private jet to numerous
wardrobe choices, cool cars to lavish apartments at affordable rates, we have
everything for you. It is just a matter of selection and using your fingertip to tap on
your preferred options. We aren’t limited to offering you with singular choice, but
one gets to choose from multiple brands with effective prices. As a Letzrent
member, you can rent various things for a particular period, like a day or even a
month, we have it all to serve the best one for you. We, as a renting agency have
the understanding to mould the specific needs of people, and find a way out to
satisfy them.
How Letzrent meet needs of millennial
In the 21st century, where a country has reached a population of billions, and
those people have their uncountable desire. In a fast and competitive world,
everyone is in a race to fit in the latest trends of society. The human nature of
willingness to buy products is increasing with the introduction of the latest
technologies, vehicles and gears. Fashion, fad or trends fades away very soon and
one cannot just stick to it. The youth’s demand for the latest cars, outfits keeps on
changing after a regular interval. In such a case, renting that particular product
bounce is a perfect option. To purchase every car, dresses, apartments or home
decors you need to have a money tree, which is eventually not possible for most of

People are moving out for work purpose where they need a PG room or a well-
crafted apartment with affordable rates. Co-living has now become a trend in our
society, which comes with cost efficiency as well. With numerous options and
affordable rates, Letzrent meets all the comfort you need in your living space along
with all the home decors to ease you down. Apart from work, mankind has always
been a wanderer and today’s millennial generation is all about filling the wanderlust
bucket. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you get to fly high with your loved one on a
private jet? Or hang out with friends in fancy cars every other time you meet them?
It is possible to get all those mesmerizing experience you dream of by renting a
variety of cars and jets at approachable rates at our place.


In these times staying places are temporary, people prefer to have most of the stuff
rented. From renting the house itself to renting furniture and whatnot. Millennials
nowadays want most of the things rented and also it is quite convenient to rent
things rather than buying them.

Letzrent is a mobile platform for searching & comparing different rental deals from multiple service providers in one place that also rewards the consumer for renting. . There are a wide variety of choices for each category of product. LetzRent is the one-stop destination
for Gen Z people who live a traveller life or transferable work life.

Me being a student myself prefer owning temporary things as buying stuff takes a lot
of brainstorming and investment. The idea of “YOLO” is the main motive and me and
my friends believe in travelling across and staying in rented apartments, having
rented cars to roam around.

The concept of LetzRent is fresh and amazing and has already attracted a lot of
young people. Young minds want to try new things, go with the trend and live their
life to the fullest. We don’t want restrictions, anything which holds us back and wants to explore every possibility in
every sector. We want to find new perspectives of life, are keen to see new horizons
and whatnot. Life for Gen Z is a never-ending experiment and fun and LetzRent is a
big support to this lifestyle and helping all us youngsters live our dream.

All the young people looking for rented stuff that includes anything you can imagine,
LetzRent is your one-stop destination for absolutely anything you want. Variety of
things ranging from apparels and clothes to homes and jets. There is no quality
compromise and it’s absolutely safe site.

If I were to write a long paragraph about LetzRent, I would be praising and promoting
LetzRent by any means. But the reason for me writing about it is a unique concept
and a new age lifestyle supporting site which understands the basic need of
youngsters and a completely consumer-oriented company. The process of renting
isn’t too tiring and everything is handy. Also, to me personally, this attracted a lot and

I have rented a car and a place when I and my parents went on vacation. The
experience was amazing and the feeling of freedom as we weren’t carrying asset of
our own was liberating. We were not worried about anything and could freely enjoy
the place and our family time.

For all the youngsters craving for free life, no liabilities, attaining the consumer
equilibrium condition (price spent = satisfaction level), this site is the thing you would
cherish trying. You would not be able to part from the immense fun of trying new
things without being broke and having any burden. It’s a pocket-friendly site too.

Me being one of you, a normal middle-class person with a tight monetary position, I
recommend all of you guys to give it a try and you will love it! The best that will
happen to you is the love of renting, using and giving it back. No-load on your free

Soo has an amazing renting experience and all of us peeps say….LetzRent!


Whenever you go out to shop for anything, don’t you feel the “what if’s” list?
Well, wouldn’t it be great if you could just use something till the time you ACTUALLY need it and that
would save you from all the taunts your mom uses whenever that “much-needed thing at that time”
is lying around everywhere.
And that becomes so pocket friendly as well.

We at LetzRent will help you when you need us. We can help you rent everything you need.
Remember the clothes you bought for your sibling’s wedding and is now crushed in a box in your
bed? Don’t you feel bad for the money you spent on it?
That’s where we come in. Now imagine in spite of buying a new dress for every function, you use
Letzrent, rent a dress, and amigos! There you go, less money, loads of space still left in your
wardrobe and every new dress for every function to celebrate.
Now, why are we different?
We just don’t have apparels, we will get you anything you might need, be it furniture for a new
a home which you might feel the need to upgrade later, cars for family vacations, we have everything
under one roof.
You might not need to miss out on the point that we are millennial’s best friend because our main aim
is to convert their aspirations into the experience at a fraction of the cost. We understand today’s
Millennials, and how they want to try everything and that is why we are here for the rescue. You will
get everything even a private jet if you want to travel abroad with your friends because that’s how
Millennials want to try and experience everything. Just with that sudden plan with your friends
contact us and get a car right at your doorstep at the cheapest rates. Well, here what Millenials
would say YOLO-‘you only live once.
Have you heard of something so efficient?
It can help you upgrade your standard of living without actually compromising on anything.
Now we know you must be wondering that other sites like “Zoomcar” also offers such services but
we believe in customer satisfaction and not about the amount which is the reason our prices are
considered efficient and we provide tips on how you can rent a car/bike according to your needs
and efficiency or furniture or jet. Whatever you want we have the best brands ready for you.
We know how private jet sounds a little blurry but we ourselves move with the speed of technology
and you can visit our Instagram page to see pictures of our clients.
Now that you have got the idea of our practical renting services here is the bonus. You can actually
have a co-living space and co-working space from us. Yes, you heard it right.

The tips would be simple from our side and imagine the time and money you would be saving. All
the expenses on travelling because we can actually help you find a place near to your workplace
would be minimal and of course, your safety will be our utmost priority.
Other than the fact that we are the one-stop solution to all your problems, we are more of a practical
solution to this generation. Nothing from your side has to be compromised and you can get the best
from us because we trust in customer satisfaction.
All you need to do on your part is sign up, look up and find the rentals around you and check the
price and availability that suits you the best and pay up.
You can visit our site- letzrent.com or visit us on Instagram- letzrent. official or can simply download
our app.
We don’t want you to distract from your busy schedule so we do our best so you can focus on more
important things in your life.

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