What is LetzRent?

What is LetzRent?

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Online rental search & booking platform. It aggregates & compares rental deals on Self Drive Cars, Chauffeur Driven Cars, Monthly Car Rental, Co-Living & Co-Working. Letzrent reviews rental facts, prices & information from multiple rental service providers
All you need to do is search for the best option, compare prices & brands, rent and earn rewards.
Rent a self-drive car across 40 + cities in India and rent a car with a driver across 60+ cities in India.


Letzrent app is a one-stop destination where you can compare the different available options in car rental services from the best of brands like Avis, Zoom Car, Mychoize and many more. Compare car rental with driver for all your airport travel and avail the best services at affordable prices. Not only compares, self-drive cars on rent with minimum security deposit. It provides the most affordable self-drive rental cars and cars with driver on rent.

Long-term car rentals are also available on Letzrent wherein you can rent a car with driver or a self-drive car for a period of 30 days or more.

PG and Coliving spaces are now easy to select with the rent comparison platform. Rent a pg or Rent a coliving with Letzrent and explore world-class services in one click.

Letzrent provides more than 47 properties in PG and coliving spaces in Bangalore alone which is the highest by any rental services.


Rental services can’t get any easier, rewarding, and affordable.


All you need to download the LetzRent app so that you can rent a self-drive car of your choice or rent car with a driver from the top international and national brands, like Zoomcar, Avis, MyChoize, WowCarz etc.

Steps to use the rental comparison platform.

  1. Download the Letzrent app.
  2. Choose the rent services from below option

Rent self – drive car

Rent a Car with driver

Monthly Car Rental

Rent a Pg

Rent a Coliving

  1. Now to rent a self-drive car/rent a car with driver (Chauffeur drive)- Choose date & duration and compare the self-drive/ chauffeur drive rental services from trustworthy and reliable brands.
  2. Fill in your details and upload the required document. This needs to be done on the first booking subsequent booking will have data prefilled.
  3. Complete the payment and voila! Your booking is confirmed.
  4. And the most exciting part of every booking is you will get rewarded for each transaction done on the app.

Best Deal along with awesome rewards is what you get from LetzRent.

Advantages of an online rental comparison platform.

  1. It removes the hassle of visiting multiple rental apps and websites for getting the best deal. You can save your time on comparing different options in LetzRent before renting.
  2. Comparison is much easier in LetzRent than on any other search engine.
  3. Be it a family trip, outstation travel or long drives Rent self – drive cars or rent a car with driver with LetzRent. You can choose from varieties of options. The app has it all. It provides car from swift to Mercedes to SUVs to Tempo travelers. The wide variety of cars is easy to choose from in this rent comparison platform.
  4. Single KYC is required to rent self – drive cars or any other rental services on LetzRent. For second-time users, you don’t need to go through the KYC again for renting any product/services.
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What is LetzRent?

Online rental search & booking platform. It aggregates & compares rental deals on Self Drive Cars, Chauffeur Driven Cars, Monthly Car Rental, Co-Living & Co-Working.

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