What is wise, buying a car or using cabs & rental car?

What is wise, buying a car or using cabs & rental car?

In the long term, what are the advantages of hiring a cab or using a rented vehicle against buying one own vehicle?

Unprecedented times such as these are truly trying for all. However, one thing COVID-19 has made many consumers who I have been speaking about, realize is that renting is here to stay, simply because it is an option that results in more savings. Such savings could be particularly useful on rainy days like these ones.

The positives of renting a vehicle/hiring a cab are many. Here, I will highlight a few of the most significant ones.

1. Greater affordability:
Car rental may prove to be more affordable. There are two main reasons for this. Firstly, when one hires cabs/rents a vehicle, they do not have to take care of maintenance costs. These costs may be borne by the company/agency that maintains the fleet of cars in the longer run. Secondly, even the costs of repairing the vehicle may be taken care of by the rental company/cab agency itself.

2. “You can rent different cars as per needs & occasions!”:
We live in a fast-paced world with an endless desire for new experiences. And why deny yourself these experiences? By renting you can ensure you are not tied down to a single driving experience by virtue of being tied down to a single car model. Instead, you can rent a newer, different model each day! The variety of cars today is remarkably endless.

3. A greener, cleaner choice:
In today’s time, where environmental destruction is more evident than ever before, many people are drawn to invest in sustainable living. In the longer run, renting/hiring a cab turns out to be more eco-friendly for you are investing in shared resources rather than privately possessed ones.

4. More flexibility in the longer run:
We see a new trend where the working class, especially Millenials and Genz individuals are frequently shifting locations for work. The logistics of moving a car across borders from one end of the country to the other can be very difficult to cope up with. By renting, we are free of a commitment to use only one particular vehicle, even if we move seven seas away.

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