Which is the Best Car Rental Service for You?

Which is the Best Car Rental Service for You?

The average car price in India has steadily climbed to Rs. 7.7 lakhs. The average fuel price for the past few years have remained in the high 70s. Considering the auxiliary prices like insurance and maintenance, it hardly makes sense to buy a car for those occasional road trips or weekly events. Fortunately, you live in the 21st century and today, there is always a solution even when all doors seem closed. For your infrequent vehicle requirements at pocket-friendly rates, there are brands like Avis, Mychoize, Trippy Car, Drivezy, Zoomcar, and Myles.

These three are among India’s top car rental service providers. The core model of all three platforms are nearly the same – you can book a car as per your requirement, drive it yourself, and return the vehicle after use. But they understandably diverge in their policies and that is where comparisons begin. Here is a comparative study of the three against the major pointers to help you to decide your winner of the day.

  • Top speed limits

The Government of India caps the top speed limit of all vehicles at 80 km/hr. Avis maintains that as the boundary in all its cars and charges over speeding charges on top of the Government penalties. Zoomcar notifies you through an SMS in your registered number when you reach and cross the 80 km/hr mark and start charging after 125 km/hr. The policy of Drivezy is the same as Zoomcar but charges begin when you cross 120 km/hr.

  • Accompanying liabilities

All three platforms hold you liable for unintentional accidents. Zoomcar and Drivezy categorise their damages into four categories and charges you accordingly. As per their policies, users are liable to pay a maximum of Rs. 10,000 for damages. Avis caps this at Rs. 5,000 and states that the rest will be borne by insurance. Again, for all three, whatever the insurance does not cover, the user will have to take responsibility for those charges.

  • Home delivery and their respective charges

Drivezy, Zoomcar, and Avis have home delivery options where they deliver the car and hand over the keys right at your home. Drivezy takes a delivery charge of Rs. 250 for this. Zoomcar’s amount is Rs. 300. Avis is the winner in this segment as the delivery of this brand is free. 

  • Pickup and drop point charges

Owing to the free delivery services of Avis, the pickup and drop locations will have to be the same. Drivezy and Zoomcar, on the other hand, have clauses for different pickup and drop locations but along with penalties. In case of a difference, Drivezy charges you a minimum of Rs. 1,500. For Zoomcar, that amount lies in the range of Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 10,000.

  • Fuel policies

Drivezy and Zoomcar let you book their cars in two modes, with fuel and without fuel. For the fuel mode where the fuel expenses are included in the booking amount, you will have to return the car with the same level of fuel in the tank as it was at the time of procurement. If there is a shortage, you will have to pay the equivalent fuel price of the difference. For the no fuel mode, all the refueling expenses are on you. And if you return with more fuel in the tank, they will reimburse you for the same. Avis gives you all their cars with a full tank. The policies are similar to the other two’s with fuel booking mode policy.

  • Deposit fees

Drivezy does not charge any security deposit for booking their cars. Both Zoomcar and Avis requires you to pay a refundable security deposit of Rs. 5,000 with them at the time of the pickup.

  • Documents required for booking

All three service providers require you to possess a valid Driving License along with an alternate Government Identification proof like Voter ID or Aadhar Card. PAN Card is not accepted. With Zoomcar and Drivezy, you will have to upload a softcopy of your DL at the time of the booking and take the alternate ID while collecting the car. At Avis, you will have to enter your Aadhar number during booking and then show it along with your DL during car handover.

  • Verification process

Drivezy and Zoomcar:

  • Your entered mobile number and email address are verified with the help of an OTP.
  • You will have to upload a scanned copy of both sides of your DL at the time of your booking and/or account creation.
  • At the time of pickup, you will have to produce your Driver’s License and an alternate Government ID to confirm yourself as the user.


  • You will have to enter your mobile number and email during the booking process. No OTP comes.
  • Next, you will have to enter your Aadhar Card number in the verification tab.
  • At the time of the pickup, you will have to carry both your Driver’s License and the Aadhar card which will be verified by the driver delivering your car.


  • Extra kilometre charges

Avis offers you unlimited kilometres within their booking span. It means you can drive your vehicle as long as you want (distance-wise). Both Drivezy and Zoomcar offers you a cap of kilometres that comes free with your booking. Beyond that, the charges of every excess kilometre are as per their tariff.

  • Extra time charges

Zoomcar has the strictest late return policy among the three. There is no buffer time for late return and Zoomcar starts charging you at a rate of Rs. 300/hour as late fees. Drivezy allows you a buffer time of 15 minutes and then the charges start. Avis provides the maximum. You are allowed 1 hour in excess to return your car and only then penalises you for being late.

  • Pet policies

Drivezy does not allow pets in their cars. A penalty of Rs. 500 is levied in case of violation. Zoomcar has a specific section of cars that are marked pet-friendly. Only in those can you carry your pets without attracting charges. All Avis cars are pet-friendly and no penalties are levied if you return the car in a clean condition.

  • Smoking policies

All three car rental service providers maintain a strict non-smoking policy in their cars. Drivezy mentions that they will charge Rs. 500 in case of violation. The other two are discreet about the exact amount.

  • Drinking policies

Drinking, again, is strictly prohibited in the cars of all three service providers. Prohibition will attract a penalty, although the exact amount is not mentioned by any. But Zoomcar goes a step beyond to explain that the user is liable for 100% of the damages to the car if he/she was driving under the influence of alcohol.

  • Minimum booking duration

With Avis, the minimum booking duration is 24 hours. Zoomcar allows you to book for a minimum of 6 hours. Drivezy is the most lenient. It is 3 hours for most cities and 2 hours in Bengaluru. But in Goa, Drivezy maintains the cap at 24 hours.

  • Maximum booking duration

Both Zoomcar and Avis allow you to book cars for any number of hours, days, and months. No specific upper limit is mentioned. Drivezy limits its maximum duration to 30 days and maximum distance to 240 kilometres.

  • Out of state travel policy

Vehicles of all three service providers have commercial plates with All-India permits. Zoomcar keeps the RC cards right in the car. Avis and Drivezy provide it upon request. The road taxes and other similar charges will have to be taken care of by the user. 

  • Cancellation charges

Drivezy: Prior to 24 hours of pickup, 5% of the net transaction. Later than 24 hours, 15%. Both capped to a maximum of Rs. 2,000. No refund after 2 hours to pick up.

Zoomcar: Flat charge of Rs. 200 on cancellation prior to 24 hours. 50% of the transaction after 24 hours. No refund after the time of pickup has passed.

Avis: No charge prior to 24 hours. 3% of the transaction in between 48-24 hours. 50% in between 24-4 hours. No refund beyond that.

  • Availability of options to extend the booking

Extension of booking is available with all three. Avis allows free extension up to 1 hour. Beyond that, charges are levied as per the model you book. Zoomcar charges a nominal extension fee plus 1.2 times their hourly tariff. Drivezy requires you to inform and pay before the extension. No surcharge required if there is no subsequent booking of the car.

  • Minimum age of booking

Drivezy allows you to book a car if you are above 18 years. However, some cars require you to be 21+ years. Zoomcar maintains the minimum age limit of 24 years for a few selected cars and 18 for the rest. For Avis, it is 18 years for all its cars.

  • Maximum age of booking

None of the service providers has any specific clause regarding this parameter.

That should paint a clear picture. As evident, Drivezy, Zoomcar, and Avis India may appear similar in many respects, yet there are subtle differences that can work to fit into your custom requirement. Be it price, booking mode, pet-friendly, or ease of verification, compare them side by side and then make an informed decision.

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